Jan Cristaudo Abstract Artist

"Colour has always fascinated me. It is the first thing I see, then comes shape and form. As an abstract artist, I use colour to interpret the way I see the world."

The Waterhole - Oil on canvas 94 x 89 cm

Australian abstract artist, Jan Cristaudo has always been interested in abstraction.  Cristaudo has completed a  three-year course in Color & Design, Sydney, and attended workshops with artists that have inspired her throughout her career. Jan also conducts her own abstract art workshops on a regular basis, as well as artist talks/demonstrations on behalf of art societies and galleries. Jan has shown in several solo exhibitions.

Ormiston - Oil on canvas 93 x 93 cm
Parched - Oil on canvas 92 x 92 cm
Meander - Oil on canvas 75 x 75 cm
Turon - Oil on canvas 122 x 122 cm

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