Janice Alamanou

"I am an International Fine Art Photographer. In my search and desire to create something new, original, and pioneering my art evolves and diversifies from 'actual' to collage, to mixed media of photography and hand gilding with 24ct gold, palladium and copper. My aim: to evoke thought and feeling.”

Balance to Become, 2020 - Photograph 60 x 60 cm

Janice Alamanou portrays photography beyond the regular image. A diverse collection of style; she captures the fleeting beauty of nature alongside the observation of people, then combines with the sensuous perception of the human form, images that only photographing over many years, honing skills, seeing life, and creating new and different works can achieve.

In the beginning, her love of the ‘actual’ that a photograph captures led her to specialise in landscapes and portraiture. Every photograph needs to have a story as to why it was created, with thought behind it, beauty and meaning.

Her art realises the beauty and sincerity, whether that of the land or of the human body; working in both colour and black and white, her fine art images are simple, relaxed forms basking in light and shade and then combining with the elements of nature. “It seemed so natural to evolve and combine my two passions,” she says. These are images that affect the viewer and their perceptions about the meanings held within the piece. They are created to touch the soul.

Janice describes her work as "Constantly evolving - the amalgamation of many actual images to become perceptual artworks." The use of ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) and Intentional Blur from movement of the object, to capture well-known areas with difference and beauty. Use of her high-key style in ‘The White Collection’ and her panoramics of nature and cityscapes with many images stitched together giving up to a 300-degree angle and her pioneering 'Photography with Precious Metals'.

From the age of 12 years, Janice documented local tidal surges on the shores of her Norfolk home. The first images published in a book after the highest sea surge in Norfolk, 2013. Since then she is twice more published through Halstar, Halsgrove Publishing with landscape and life.

Janice is represented in New York, Barcelona, Rome and exhibits worldwide.

International Awards include: ARTYA, ATIM, BIPP, IPA, MIFA, MUSA.

Alive - Photograph 77 x 51.3 cm
to Mwpo (To-morrow) - Photograph 101.6 x 73.81 cm
Sirens - Photograph and precious metals 77 x 55.5 cm
Genesis Elements: Water - Photograph 101.6 x 73.81 cm

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