Janis Ferguson

Rainbow Collection - 1

"I have had a great interest in art since I was very young. My education in fashion design has been instrumental in experimenting with various materials and techniques to guide me through a design idea. Sometime later, I ventured into wire sculpting and hand crafts using various types of wires, glass beads and silk leaves to add dimension to the design. I always believe as long as I have passion, I have a project."



Associates in Arts degree, Liberal Arts, Community College of Philadelphia, 2019

Diploma, writing for Children and Teenagers, Institute of Children's Literature, 2011

Diploma, Writing for Children, Institute of Children's Literature 2009

Specialized Associates degree, Tracey-Warner School of Design Technology, 1977-1979

Rainbow Collection - 2
Rainbow Collection - 5
Rainbow Collection - 3
Rainbow Collection - 4

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