Jaroslav Gebr

"I am a 'realist.' My life has given me the tools to mirror what I have lived and what I can give to people, in hopes that it brings something to help others better understand life and the people we share life with."

The Children of The World • United Nations, 1964 -Acrylic on canvas (mural) 18 x 36 ft

Jaroslav Gebr (1926-2013)

Over the last 50 years, Jaroslav 'Jerry' Gebr enjoyed one of the longest careers and exposure any artist could have ever wished for. A prodigy from a small village outside Prague,  despite the horrors of World War II, Jaroslav was able to host his art at the Academies of Prague, Munich and Florence. Little did he know, for the next fifty years, he would create a most stunning body of work that has not since been matched by any other artist in Hollywood to this day.  His first days on a Hollywood film set was at Twentieth Century Fox in the early '60s. There, Jaroslav would enjoy his new education of Art to Camera via a student/prodigy (Emile Kosa Jr.) of Legendary Czech Artist: Alphonse Mucha, A brilliant coincidence that Jaroslav would find a fellow Czech ex-patriot, to help him through his first steps of transference from his classic art education into the medium of Film and Television.

Jaroslav Gebr's journey through numerous mediums and styles have evolved; from portraits and frescoes in Bogotá, Columbia, to portraits, murals and visual effects in Hollywood productions as "The Sound Of Music," "Camelot," “Towering Inferno,” "Dune," "The Sting," "Scarface," television's "Night Gallery," "24" and countless others. Gebr had an incredible gift to immerse himself within an unlimited range of artistic styles. Such as in the replication of Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel for MGM's "Shoes of The Fisherman" and then transforming his artistic technique and aesthetic nuances within the same week to perform within the abstract/impressionistic fantasies via the mind of Rod Serling in his mesmerizing and haunting paintings for 'Night Gallery.'

During President Gerald Ford's administration, The U.S. Armed Forces commissioned two portraits by Gebr to be hung in the White House and Pentagon.

Read more information on the outstanding work and career of the artist on  http://www.gebrart.com/Introduction.html 

Adela, 1941 - Oil on board 22 x 26 in.
A Humans' Mercy, 1950 - Oil on board 16 x 24 in.
The Crucifixion, 1968 - Acrylic on canvas 42 x 65 in.
Barykada, 1946 - Oil on canvas 32 x 36 in.

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