Jason Shih

"As a professional sculptor, I like to experience the essence of life through perceptual observation of subtle moments. I also enjoy exploring the ever-changing interplay of forms in poetic imaginary spaces. For me, art creation is about sharing various moods and stories from everyday life."

Harmony - Cast Bronze 35 x 30 x 74 cm €6800

    Jason Shih was born in 1972 in Lukang Town, Taiwan, renowned for its traditional crafts. He relocated to Taipei City during his school years and attended art classes at Minzu Elementary School, Minglun Junior High School, and Zhongzheng High School. In 1991, Jason enrolled in the Fine Arts Department of National Taipei University of the Arts, studying sculpture under Professor Lee Kuang-yu and graduating in 1996. Following his military service, he pursued further education at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York, USA, studying metal sculpture under Leonard A. Urso at the School for American Crafts, where he earned his MFA degree in 2001. Subsequently, he served as an assistant to renowned New York metal sculptor Albert Paley, gaining valuable experience in metal crafts and large-scale public arts.

Returning to Taiwan in 2002, Jason embarked on a prolific career in public art. Over the next two decades, he completed over 80 large-scale public art projects in Taiwan. His international engagements included residencies at the Wangsan Kaitian Festival in South Korea (2003), JamFactory Contemporary Craft and Design in Adelaide, Australia (2004), and as the inaugural artist-in-residence at the New Taipei City Gold Museum (2008).

Alongside his creative endeavors, Jason pursued advanced studies in art theory, earning his Ph.D. from the China Academy of Art in 2015 and an MBA from National Taiwan Normal University in 2022. With a diverse cultural background spanning Taiwan, the United States, and mainland China, and extensive professional training in fine arts, crafts, public art, and management, Jason decided in 2022 to refocus on his sculpture creations. He currently resides in Taoyuan City, Taiwan, continuing to explore the diverse realms of sculpture and public art.

Goldfish - Cast Bronze 30 x 30 x 45 cm €5800
Wind - Painted ABS 74 x 32 x 48 cm €6800
Chasing - Painted ABS 88 x 28 x 58 cm €6800
Glory - Cast Bronze 38 x 32 x 86 cm €7300

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