“My art is frustrations in colors & forms. Men gave me anxiety to fear women. Men want women & sex. But no love is perfection, fear & rejection, lead to envy & evil intentions. I want a simple & calm tribal life. Humans to be true, themselves, and brave, but with love. I will be happy & have women.”

Look and Be Yourself - Mixed Media on Paper 119 x 84 cm $6,800

Jasper, born 1973, is a self-taught Danish artist based in Copenhagen. Discovering the joy and freedom of art as a child, he initially pursued a career as a Carpenter and Constructing Architect. However, he eventually returned to painting as a liberating, fun, and creative pursuit. In 2018, Jasper joined an art group, which enabled his artwork to reach a wider audience. Since then, he has exhibited at major art galleries around the globe.

Free - Acrylic & Pencil on Paper 63 x 46 cm $5,800
Be Yourself from Your Birth to Your Death - Coal & Acrylic on Paper 75 x 60 cm $6,300
Women on the Brain - Pencil and Coal on Paper 84 x 59 cm $6,800
Sweet Love - Oil Pastel on Canvas 49 x 30 cm $5,700

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