Jean Jacques Porret

“Achieving a sense of “rightness,” even in the most uncertain circumstances, is the motivating concept behind my sculpture. The work is figurative but not about the figure. I consider myself an expressionist, as I am more interested in communicating an abstract feeling or idea than an actual image. I use recognizable forms to evoke emotions and stimulate sensations.”

Temps perdu Cast Bronze, Edition of 5, 16 in., $15,000

"I began my journey in the world of art from a tender age, nurturing a deep-seated passion for the craft of carving and woodwork. This early immersion into the realm of tactile creativity was largely self-guided, yet I was not without mentors. Esteemed and renowned sculptors, including figures like Pomodoro, Chilida, Ramseyer, Etrog, and Henry Moore, were kind enough to impart their wisdom and field my curiosity. It was within these hallowed halls of creativity that I found myself inexorably drawn towards the complex art of bronze and lost-wax casting. I was enticed by this demanding yet rewarding material – bronze. This enduring metal presented a unique allure, one that was not only ‘responsive’ but also sweet to the touch.

Each creation carries significant sentiment and inherent symbolism. However, one must remember that my work, while stylistically figurative, revolves not around the human form itself but the emotions and ideas it engenders, often reflected in the dynamic tension that ripples through the fluid curves and precarious balance."

Ode to Joy Cast Bronze, Edition of 5, 16 1/2 in., $15,000
Songe Matinale Cast Bronze, Edition of 3, 19 in., $20,000
Rencontre Nocturne Cast Bronze, Edition of 3, 65 in., $32,000
Vagabonde Cast Bronze, Edition of 3, 19 1/2 in., $24,000

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