Jean Jacques Porret

"Achieving a sense of “rightness,” even in the most uncertain circumstances, is the motivating concept behind my sculptures. The work is figurative but is not about the figure. I consider myself an expressionist as I am more interested in communicating an abstract feeling or idea rather than an actual image."

Impulse, Cast bronze Edition of 5, H 15 in.

"I'm a self-taught artist who believes the journey into art begins at birth. I was born to parents who were collectors, and living in an art-filled home sparked my creativity. I began creating wooden sculptures at the age of 6 and stopped when I was a teenager, to later pick it up at age 28. I haven't stopped since. In my early years, I was looking at some of the greatest sculptors of all time for ideas and techniques. However, I found myself becoming too influenced by them. I then concentrated on creating my own style and path. That was maybe crazy and for sure an expensive decision, but today I'm on my own, with my own style.

While practiced in stone carving and other sculpting methods, I prefer the sensual -if unpredictable- outcome of bronze cast in the lost wax technique, where each step is more demanding and riskier than any other sculpting mean. That’s not to say that I, an engineer by training, leave much to chance. It does help me to understand how things fit together, but that’s where the value of my formal training ends. For a while I was casting my own sculptures, today I prefer to let that to be done by others, concentrating on the creating of 3D pieces which are sensual and which I can live with."

Pimpeche - Cast bronze Edition of 3, H 14 ¼ in.
Lady of the Night - Cast bronze Edition of 3, H 21 in.
Notorious - Cast bronze Edition of 3, 7 x 7 x 12 in.
Desinvolte - Cast bronze Edition of 3, H 20 1/2 in.

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