Jean Paul Soujol Benedetti

Jean-Paul Soujol Benedetti is a minimalist photographer inspired by contemporary painting. His work results from aesthetic research on the purity of lines and forms where blue is omnipresent. His sources of inspiration are contemporary painters like Pierre Soulages, Mark Rothko, Yves Klein.

Abstract Contemporary - Photograph 150 x 75 cm - 2500€

Jean-Paul Soujol Benedetti has been practicing photography for more than a decade. In a constant search for creativity and inspiration, he continues to evolve technically and artistically. Jean-Paul began with landscape photography and moved towards minimalism with long exposure, square format, and now towards abstraction with a plastician approach. His latest works, always minimalist and square, are part of a more conceptual vision.

Jean-Paul Soujol Benedetti chose the square format in line with his compositions. “This format lends itself perfectly to minimalist photography. It requires rigor but gives great freedom of composition which makes it very creative. Its very aesthetic and modern geometric shape blends perfectly with my work.”

Recently, Jean-Paul Soujol Benedetti left the world of full-frame sensor for the medium-format camera. His current photographic work on light is even more gratifying as is his creativity.

Inaugural Space - Photograph 100 x 100 cm - 2000€
Monochrome - Photograph 100 x 100 cm - 2000€
The Aesthetic Of The Movement - Photograph 100 x 100 cm -2000€
Black Matter - Photograph 100 x 100 cm - 2000€

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