Jennie Sweo

"I have always been drawn to dry media when painting and drawing. Through experimentation and research, I have developed my own way of painting with paper and drawing with brush and ink. My own merger of pattern, texture, color, shape gives insight to the portraits I create."

Bounty - Mixed media 30 x 40 in.

"I have always thought I have the soul of an old gypsy. Originally raised in Los Angeles, California I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University, Northridge. Wanderlust took me all over the United States and the world to live, work and study. I received my MFA in Painting and Drawing from the University of North Texas, Denton and my Ph.D. in Design from Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand. I currently find myself enjoying the Sonoran Desert, living in Tucson, Arizona."



Bachelor of Art California State University, Northridge, United States

MFA Painting & Drawing University of North Texas, Denton, United States

Ph.D. Design Studies Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand

Lilting Flower - Mixed media 44 x 30 in.
Spring - Mixed media 44 x 30 in.
The Dreamer - Mixed media 44 x 30 in.
Summer Lady - Mixed media 44 x 30 in.

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