Jenny Bennett

"Art must be a bridge between the creativity of nature and the creativity of man." - Hundertwasser, October 1990

Paisleyette 1 - Oil on canvas 250 x 250 mm

Jenny McLellan Bennett had a rural childhood. After attending universities in Dunedin and Auckland she began painting. She has also explored a wide range of media including pastel, printmaking, clay sculpture, puppetry and masks. Bennett has shown her work nationally and internationally, travelling to venues in Florence and Chianciano, Italy for biennales. Her paintings are found in collections around the globe. 

After years of landscape painting including rock and water works, and New Zealand native flora (Nikau series) she made a series of floral works which led to the Paisley series. Alongside the art came a passion for genealogy and the use of DNA. The depiction of stylised flowers, plants etc and the history of paisley through time and space became a metaphor for her ancestral roots. Her latest works reflect an increasing fascination with abstraction.

Paisleyette 2 - Oil on canvas 250 x 250 mm
Extraction - Oil on linen 800 x 600 mm
Paisleyette 3 - Oil on canvas 250 x 250 mm
Conception - Oil on canvas 910 x 610 mm

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