Jesse Jackson Brown

"Stereograms were somehow left to computers with their patterns hidden in monochromatic static.  I knew a carefully planned painting could employ that effect and draw attention to a vertical pattern that suggests something more.  Try to relax your eyes and look far away for a 3D effect."

Hundertwassers' Hochhaus Auf Stelzen Nach Le Corbusier Und Dorfkirche in 3D, Acrylic on canvas, 40 x 52 in.

From Anchorage, Alaska, Jesse Jackson Brown lives in Kalispell, Montana. He remembers as a young child, staring through a wallpaper pattern behind his homework desk. The clowns and roses looked a mile away and one thousand feet tall. “I remember how visually exciting and fun it was to 'stare through' the computer-composed static and see three-dimensional figures jump out of pages or off of posters. I also remember thinking "they need more color”.” A land surveyor by trade, Brown has been lucky to live and work in the Flathead Valley for over 20 years.

Battle Eptica, Acrylic on canvas 51 x 41 in.
Spectrum Earth Spacescape, Acrylic on canvas, 48 x 54 in.
Lost Creek Lodge with Sun Temple, Acrylic on canvas 47 x 47 in.
Hundertwassers' Close Up Of Infinity: Tagores Sun in 3D, Acrylic on canvass, 30 x 40 in.

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