Jingfeng Li

"The beauty of realistic pen-and-ink painting is that it uses just a black line to paint a rich and delicate picture. It presents a beauty of vicissitudes. I like the color of black, white and gray. Its deep, quiet yet noble quality profoundly attracts me."

Elves on the plateau - Ink pen on paper 73.18 x 44.2 cm

Chinese Artist, Jingfeng Li was born in 1965 in Anshan city, Liaoning Province, China and today lives in Beijing. His painstakingly realistic works are produced primarily with an ink pen. JingFeng Li graduated from Shenyang Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts and is a member of the American Portrait Society, a contractor of the Sena Art Gallery in France, and a representative painter of modern Chinese painting.

"I started drawing at the age of seven, perhaps a natural affinity; and have been long engaged with photography and painting. I began to work realistically with pen drawing in 2012. I have won many prizes in international drawing contests. Perhaps I was born like black and white and grey color, so choosing pen drawing is in line with my aesthetic. I like the real thing, it makes me really feel the sincerity and affinity of nature."

In Sunshine - Ink pen on paper 44 x 43 cm
Mountain village - Ink pen on paper 54.25 x 54.18 cm
Kejia Girl - Ink pen on paper 56 x 86 cm
Château de Selles No.4 - Ink pen on paper 54 x 54 cm

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