Jingfeng Li

From Beijing, China, Li Jingfeng graduated from Shenyang Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts and is a member of American Portrait Society, a contractor of the Sena Art Gallery in France, and a representative painter of modern Chinese painting.

Senna Castle - Pen on paper 74.33 x 51.16 cm

Jingfeng Li’s pen and ink paintings are mainly based on figurative realism and are rich in detailed expressions. He has won many awards in European and American realistic painting competitions. In Li’s work,  the pens are used to draw rich levels and textures. There are two kinds of realistic pen and ink paintings, one is pure black ink, and the other is colored ink. Both of them are drawn with a pen or a fountain pen and drawn in a lump sum, but they are also represented by signature pens, needle pens, and gel pens.

Senna Castle 3 - Fountain Pen and ink on sketching paper 52.4 x 52.4 cm
Contemplating - Pen and ink on sketching paper 76.4 x 52.3 cm
Swan Castle - Pen and ink on sketching paper 73 x 47 cm
Philippe de Bethune - Pen and ink on sketching paper 74 x 51.7 cm

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