Joakim Sederholm

"My focus is on the human experience, on what it feels like to be human. The warmth and kindness within us inspire me. Like us humans, my sculptures have their shortcomings and defects. Patches and stitches hold parts together. By sharing things life becomes easier for everybody. Nobody is perfect…”

Three Little Men - Painted wood

“I was born in Grankulla, a small town in Finland with a Swedish-speaking majority. I live and work in Wessö, Borgå, in the archipelago. The sea and the islands have always been important to me, both as a source of energy and as inspiration. My dearest place in the world is a small island in Kotka.

I have always focused on the human experience, on what it means and feels like to be human, loneliness or togetherness, vulnerability, insufficiency, to be different, diversity and multitude, plurality. The warmth and kindness within us inspire me. My artworks are often built of pieces of wood, they are physical structures constructed to express feelings, experiences and memories through shapes, rhythms and proportions.

Color is also really important in my work. Coloring adds to the character and mood of the figure. My figures often have structures on the surface, like patches and stitches that sometimes hold parts together, like us humans, they have their shortcomings and defects. By showing and sharing, things become easier to bear for everybody. Nobody is perfect...or everybody.”

Yellow Socks - Painted wood 30 cm
Crown - Graphite on paper 42 cm
Little Man - Painted wood 34 cm
Black&White - Painted wood 78 cm

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