Jody Richardson

“I’m a contemporary expressionist with a loaded brush. In the past my paintings of enigmatic creatures combined human, animal and imaginary elements. Still though I think it is important to be playing and having fun when I paint.”

Gold Giraffe - Mixed medium on paper 27.5 x 39.25 in.

Hailing from England, Jody majored in Fine Art at the prestigious Ontario College of Art. There she received the Eric Freifield scholarship for drawing and painting the human Figure and graduated with honours. She also received Honourable Mention for Women’s Experimental painting. In 2017 the Circle Foundation awarded Jody with Honourable Mention Award for High Aesthetic, Technical and Creative Standard of her work. Now living in Canada her work has been collected and exhibited in Canada, New York, Los Angeles, England, Amsterdam, Italy, Hawaii, Barcelona, Dublin, Zurich and Cannes. New York and Switzerland being the most frequent.

Jody combines human, animal and imaginary elements in her highly original work. Jody also paints abstracts, animals, portraits, en plein-air and still life. Ms. Richardson’s innovative art, which reveals formal control of her paintings medium as well as creative imagination, has earned her a number of grants and inclusion in the collection of the Canada Council amongst others. In 1992, The Famous Electric Ballroom in Camden Town, in London England commissioned Jody to do a large mural at the entrance. In 1996, Patrick Louburt, one of the owners of Nelvana Studios in Toronto, purchased a large painting by Jody for his collection. At the same exhibition, Eleanor Olmstead the lawyer for Nelvana purchased one of Jody's paintings. In 2020, Amer Nassar, a private collector, purchased a large painting for his collection. Other private collectors have purchased Jody’s work over the years.

Sculptures, mostly in metal is another art form that Jody explores. Jody also does photography. She won a National Competition, being paid while the work was exhibited all over Canada.


"Art is the highest form of hope."Gerhard Richter

Carwash Free Balloons - Mixed medium on canvas 69 x 72 in.
Ring of Love - Oil on canvas 52 x 55 in.
Going to See Red - Oil on canvas 52 x 52 in.
Stars - Watercolor and oil on plastic 32 x 32 in.

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