Joey Schmidt-Muller

Joey Schmidt-Muller finds his way to meaning and to his view of the world in his own painful experiences. His mythological counterpart is the bound Prometheus, the rebel forged by Zeus on the rocks of the Caucasus, who brought fire to mankind.

Hope - Oil pastel 100 x 100 cm

Swiss artist, Joey Schmidt-Muller is an active member of the German Avantgarde Scene. Moving from Later Surrealism and the New Objectivity, he joined the already established Vienna School of Fantastic Realism. The confrontation with social criticism led to Joey’s new style, “The Traumatic Realism”, as a development of the New Objectivity of 1933. Pain, torture, nightmares and fears scream at us in creatures dancing and fighting, diving and flying who are intended to arouse our level of consciousness and lead us from our condition of prisoners to self-liberation.


1965 - 1966 Preliminary Course, School of Design and Art Basel, Switzerland

1966 - 1970 Graphics & Printing Technology, Basel, Switzerland

1970 - 1971 Graphic arts education, Zurich, Switzerland

1971 - 1972 Training Graphic, Cape Town, South Africa

1973 - 1974 Basel School of Applied Arts, Basel, Switzerland

1990 - 1991 Art Lesson in Aboriginal Symbols, Dot Painting & Patterning, Sydney, Australia

Chinese Girl - Oil pastel 100 x 100 cm
Fear - Oil pastel 100 x 100 cm
Doctor Plague - Oil pastel 100 x 100 cm
Dream - Oil pastel 100 x 100 cm

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