Johannes Boekhoudt

"My vision is to utilize the canvas as a form of outreach; the canvas must hold a purpose beyond its beauty. The message itself is the artwork’s reason for being. This is what allows its beauty to endure in our contemporary society."

El Niño pintor, 2020 - Mixed media collage on Saunders Waterford 300lb. paper 22 x 30 in.

Johannes Boekhoudt was born in 1966 and is Dutch and Costarican. Known as an Abstract Expressionist, Boekhoudt is an exclusive self-thought fine art painter with more than twenty years of experience. His original modern expressionist artwork is indeed one of a kind since Boekhoudt does not create nor authorize any reproductions of his artwork. He has an exceptionally loyal clientele since they can privately own original museum quality artwork that will never be displayed on a commercial level. Boekhoudt’s clientele includes high-profile entrepreneurs, CEOs, and professionals around the world.

Boekhoudt was born in Willemstad Curacao, Dutch Antilles. At an early age, his family moved to Costa Rica where he adopted all his Latin American influences. Rich with this mix of culture, he blends inspirations from Europe, Africa and Latin America into his work. He believes that “Between Basquiat, de Kooning, Miró & Picasso he also exists.” Boekhoudt works mostly with oil on canvas or linen but will also create artworks with mixed media and works on paper. Ranging from large to small, size is no obstacle when it comes to his communication through art. He simultaneously works with several paintings in various stages in order to convey his message. His works are easily recognizable by his signature cross strokes. Boekhoudt is currently based in Dallas, Texas.

Las tres miradas, 2021 - Oil on linen 46 x 56 in.
Buscando la Paz, 2018 - Oil on canvas 48 x 60 in.
Esperando, 2011 - Pencil on paper 16 x 20 in.
Bufón, 2020 - Oil on canvas 48 x 60 in.

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