Johannes Genemans

​Flower Power for Art

Angelica, 2002 - Bronze H. 95 cm

Johannes Genemans is an international sculptor, fashion stylist of products "Made in Italy" who was born in Leiden, the Netherlands in 1942 and has been living in Italy since 1985. Genemans studied Figurative Sculpture in Pietrasanta, Carrara and Ancona. He has held numerous personal exhibitions in Italy and throughout Europe. An artist with strong sensitivity and precision, he retraces itineraries of classic figuration with ancestry, to the best Italian and European sculptural tradition. He excels in the creation of human figures and notable are his portraits, busts, commemorative monuments and symbolic images in various materials.

Orissa, Indian, 2012 - Bronze Lifesize
Dahlka, African, 2013 - Bronze Lifesize
Asmea, Arabia, 2015 - Bronze Lifesize
Sayuri, La Geisha, 2011 - Bronze Lifesize

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