John Brooks Fine Art Photography

"My art explores the realationship of the viewer with the subject matter and attempts to expose what is not normally perceived. My years of study of architectural form through my work has shaped my perception of the subject. Many cultures and varieties of landscapes have influenced my work."

Boarded Up, Yucatan - Archival print 45 x 30 cm

John Brooks has practiced the art of photography since his teen years and has employed the full range of equipment and techniques in this art including processing his own films and printing his own images. Extensive use of film cameras across all formats and a wide range of digital equipment allows him to take on most subject matters with technical expertise. His main philosophy is that to create a good image a camera is unnecessary, but the eye and brain are the key essentials for composition and creativity. With numerous exhibitions of his work across the continents in recent years, he has accumulated over 10 international awards for his work.

"My work always reflects an emotional response to the subject matter. This is essential in the creation of any piece of art and without that, it becomes merely a pictorial photograph.

Originally working in monochrome as a preferred medium allowed me to concentrate on the composition of images in geometric terms. The transition to color was brought about by a shift in the art-form which arose in the 1960’s making me aware that creativity was also possible using color emulsions.

The usage of color transformed my work and added another dimension to the possibilities of creativity and focused on abstraction within the areas of urban and rural landscape influenced by the work of Harry Callahan and Joel Meyerowitz. This period of my work continues to the present time with studies in both the “Deadpan” and abstracted styles.

In the last ten years, some of my work has also been documentary and narrative and is representative of my extensive travels around the world.

Since 2011 I have explored new areas of image presentation through a constructivist approach involving re-imagined landscape. This is achieved by a multi-image capture of the subject and subsequently reconstructing it."

This Side, Not The Other - C-Print
Warehouse - Digital composite, archival print 60 x 45 cm
Westminster 3 - Digital composite, Giclee print 90 x 60 cm
Sea Cones, Yucatan, - Giclee print 45 x 30 cm

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