John Buchanan Brooks

"Although photography is my medium, my inspiration is derived from all art forms. Consequently, my work is often of an abstract nature, constructed or a simple shape and color. Once, my work was mistaken for a watercolor, which I took as a positive reaction!"

Ancient Portal, 32 x 16 in. $720

John Buchanan Brooks is a British visual artist currently residing and working in Bristol, UK. Through his photography, Buchanan Brooks aims to evoke an emotional response that extends well beyond the visual realm.

Reassembling Landscapes
Buchanan Brooks is drawn to abstraction within urban and pastoral spaces. His pieces often exhibit a sense of constructivism as he reimagines and reconstructs landscapes. This process may involve capturing multiple images of a location and then skillfully rebuilding them using collage techniques or layering semi-transparent elements to create a single, cohesive image. He is particularly fascinated by the underlying skeletal structures beneath building facades and the energy they exude. Further exploration of his subjects includes geometrical analysis, as demonstrated in series such as "Parallel Spaces" and "Horizons."

Time is another essential tool in his repertoire, as he employs layering techniques to craft captivating images. By freezing a moment in time, Buchanan Brooks captures the interaction of humans within a scene, imparting a sense of movement through time to the surroundings.

Progression of Style
Buchanan Brooks' artistic style and approach have evolved over the years. His earlier work predominantly featured monochromatic compositions, enabling a deep focus on the geometry and forms within his pieces. As time progressed, he transitioned to incorporating color by applying color emulsions to his works. This chromatic addition introduced a new dimension to his art, fostering a realm of boundless creative possibilities.

Prestigious Prizes
Throughout his career, Buchanan Brooks has earned a host of accolades, with his most recent achievement being the Grand Prize at the New York Center for Photographic Art. His work has been prominently featured in international magazines and journals, and he has also authored several photo-books.

Facade 1, 24 x 16 in. $500
Blue Roof and Tree, 34 x 28 in. $720
Westminster 3, 38 x 24 in. $840
Green Bridge, 30 x 25 in. $960

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