John Jasper

"They say we have been here for 60,000 years, but it is much longer. We've been here since the time before time began." - Australian Aboriginal elder

Asymptotic - Acrylic 52 x 38 in.

"My art is relational. I have always been fascinated by creation myths and I perceive the universe as having evolved from one catastrophic event. From one point, everything emerges, with the best scenarios trying to rush to completion. 

I'm drawn to experimenting with combinations of elements, sometimes alluding to air, earth, fire and water. I try to represent nature's electron dance, with an ambient underlying sexuality, unfolding as a shimmering becoming—a synchronicity between disparate elements. My theory of art and life is dialectical. From the one point of creation, all contradictions arise. My art tries to reconcile this."

Cybele - Acrylic 52 x 38 in.
Leviantha - Acrylic 52 x 38 in.
Nebula - Acrylic 52 x 38 in.
Paradox - Acrylic 52 x 38 in.

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