Jos Stumpe

"My abstract paintings, prints, and drawings investigate the perception of chaos in nature. Reflecting on complexity is part of my creative process. My visual language is abstract, my way of working by chance. Taking chances to interact spontaneously with mediums and to achieve the unpredictable."

Spraymotion - Oil pastel on black Arches paper 22 x 30 in.

Visually responding to questions posed by Romare Bearden; "The artist confronts chaos. The whole thing of art is, how do you organize chaos?" Jos Stumpe's abstract paintings, prints and drawings accept this challenge as they investigate the perception of chaos in nature. For the Dutch-born, New York-based artist making art is like a refuge where he can process the complexities of the world.

After more than twenty years of having put his creativity into translating other people’s ideas into word and image, Stumpe felt the need to create something of his own. Initially, the medium to realize this became clay. He studied Ceramic Design at The Glasgow School of Art, Scotland, and graduated in 2012.

Having moved from Amsterdam to New York in 2012, he has been exploring sculpture, painting and printmaking, at the National Academy School. In September 2015 Stumpe finished the Studio Art Intensive program at the National Academy School. Since then he works in his own studio in Chelsea where he dived into the world of Mokuhanga, the Japanese technique of water-based woodblock printing. During the lockdown due to Covid-19 he started drawing with oil pastels.

By balancing the quiet and the chaotic, my non-representational oeuvre resonates with sharp contrasts, oscillating from moments of intensity to empty space. Comparable to a person’s shifting moods, my work goes from one extreme to the other, forging an open relationship between the composition and the viewer, employing color, line, and shape. My visual conversations ask the viewer to push the boundaries of abstract art, finding the personal in the non-representational.

Opposites Attract #13 - Mokuhanga collage on panel 24 x 36 in.
A Mediterranean Blue - Oil pastel on Rives BFK paper 30 x 22 in.
Opposites Attract - Mokuhanga collage on panel, Triptych Ea. 55 x 29 in.
Plaid #8 - Oil pastel on black Arches paper 30 x 22 in.

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