Joy H. Kwon

"My work pursues consideration of the classics and moderns, the East and the West, light and shadow, flat and three-dimensional, and furthermore, the visible and the invisible. In this series of works, Korean Moon jar and Script in Korean calligraphy were expressed using Western materials."

Sola Scriptura Silk - Mixed media 14 x 14 in.

“I am a New York-based artist specializing in Asian calligraphy and brush paintings. Born and raised in South Korea, I received a Bachelor’s degree in Calligraphy from Kei Myung University, Korea. I then moved to China to pursue a Master’s degree and Doctorate at the China Academy of Art. 

I was the first foreigner to obtain a PhD in Bird and Flower Asian Brush Painting in the art history of China. I am currently the President of the Korean-New York Artist Association (KNYAA), and I am giving lectures on the history of Korean script and calligraphy at Rutgers University. 

In my recent practice, I am combining traditional techniques with mixed media. However, since I moved to New York 10 years ago, my artistic materials have led to attempts at Western materials, and now I want to express myself freely without being limited to any materials. My works have been exhibited internationally in cities such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Venice, Barcelona, London, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Seoul.”

Sola Scriptura Paper - Mixed media 14 x 14 in.
Sola Scriptura Silk - Mixed media 14 x 14 in.
Sola Scriptura II - Mixed media 20 x 20 in.
Sola Scriptura I - Mixed media 20 x 20 in.

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