Juan Rivero

“I let myself live to be able to execute my art and this art defines my days and my nights.” This is how I define my artistic production, inspired by my life experiences plus an elaborate creative process where color and matter play an important role in the execution of works.”

Siglo XXI - Oil on canvas 200 x 180 cm

Cuban artist, Juan Rivero born in 1976 in Antilla municipality of Holguín, Cuba. He graduated from Escuela Profesional de Artes Pláticas (“El Alba”) in Holguín with a degree in Painting. Rivero continued graduate studies in Painting at the Instituto Superior de Arte  (“ISA”)  in Havana and between 2001-5 he was a Professor at the Academy of Painting ("San Alejandro") as well as the Commissioner of the  Center Design and Visual Arts (“Luz y Oficios”) of the City of Havana. Rivero worked as a curator from 2001 to 2006 of the five editions of the "Circus Project" (International Performance and Audiovisual Event) held in Havana. Currently, the artist continues to produce painting and engraving at master workshops by  Juan Ripollés at  Más de flors, Spain.

Select Solo Shows

2018 - "Motivos florales". Centro cultural La Marina, Castellón, España.

2016 - “Historia de un minotauro llamado Asterión”. Valdelinares. Teruel, España.

2015 - “Presentación del Proyecto Impregnación”. Estudio Juan Rivero. Nit de l´Art. Castellón, España.

2014 - “Anónimos”. Sala de Arte Pictograma. Castellón, España.

2004 - “Ausencias Posibles”. Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Wifredo Lam. Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba.

2003 - “Sin lamentos”. Galería de Arte Concha Ferrant. Ciudad de La Habana,  Cuba.

2001 - “Inmersión” (Tesis de Grado). Facultad de Artes Plásticas del Instituto Superior de Arte. Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba.

1998 - “El objeto del Eterno”. Casa de la Cultura de Plaza. Ciudad de La  Habana, Cuba.


Select Awards

2006 - Premio de Proyectos de Comisariado al “Proyecto Circo Travelling”  (Evento Internacional de Performance y Audiovisuales) otorgado por la Embajada de España en Cuba y la Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional. Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba.

2001 - Premio de Comisariado a la exposición “Con un Pensar Abstraído” (Galería DUPP). Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba.

2000 - Premio UNESCO 2000 para el Fomento de las Artes. VII Bienal de La Habana.

Confinados - Oil on canvas 146 x 196 cm
Composición en azul y amarillo - embossed material, with murano glass on handmade linen paper 85 x 100 cm
Corral - Oil on canvas 146 x 196 cm
Torero en reposo - Oil on canvas 100 x 85 cm

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2 thoughts on “Juan Rivero

  1. Dear Mr. Rivero,
    I saw your works in the internet and I would like to show them in my gallery.
    I have open the gallery in June 2003 in the center of Hamburg, Germany and my idea works as I imagined.
    It is a meeting place for artists to get international contacts and to sell their works.
    I´m looking for a great spectrum of artists, the visitors like the international diversity.
    Cause I´m living as an artists in Hamburg too, I know the art-scene from different views, invite other gallery owner and artists.

    Best Regards, Marion Zimmermann

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