Juchul Kim

“I am a painter who paints with dots. Figures, object, scene. I cover a variety of subject matter, however, something common within all my works is the dot. In the beginning, the dot was not an important element in my paintings but wanting to show more about the true nature of paint, it was a way to split and dissect the colors.”

Brooklyn Bridge New York, 2013 - Oil on canvas 72.7 x 53 cm

Korean Artist, Juchul Kim was born in 1963 and today lives in Jeonju-city. He has been actively exhibiting since 2012 with a resume including hundreds of group and solo exhibits as well as art fair participations in Korea, Japan, USA, UK, China, Germany, and the Netherlands. His most recent solo show was at the Woojin Culture Foundation in Jeonju City, Korea.

Blackfriars Bridge London, 2017 - Oil on canvas 60.6 x 45.5 cm
Giethoorn Netherlands, 2017 - Oil on canvas 91.3 x 65 cm
A Drawbridge Amsterdam, 2017 - Oil on canvas 72.7 x 53 cm
The Night View in Amsterdam Netherlands, 2017 - Oil on canvas 72.7 x 53 cm

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