Jun Gueco Cruz

Cruz is a visual artist who seeks to portray the science of life through massive depictions of cellular processes. As an artist, Cruz merges his spiritual walk with medical science into biomorphic forms of expression in his art.⁣

Elioenai (Toward God are mine Eyes) - Mixed media 16 ft (variable)

Born in Angeles City, Philippines and now a Philadelphia-based artist, Jun Gueco Cruz is a Kapampangan visual artist. His art training stems mostly from experiments, workshops, and mentoring from other veteran Kapampangan artists. He has received prestigious national and international awards and recognition in painting, sculpture, and mixed media, and exhibited his works in venues like the Metropolitan Museum of Manila, the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Florence Biennale 2017, Italy and Artbox project New York, 2018, Cruz is a part of the Pampanga Arts Guild and Christians In the Visual Arts (CIVA).

Fruit of the Spirit - Mixed media 17x15 in.
Fruit of the Spirit - Mixed media 17x15 in.
Fruit of the Spirit - Mixed media 17x15 in.
Efflorescence - Mixed media 24x48 in.

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