Jussi Pirttioja

"I paint what I would like to see and what does not yet exist. I pick random fragments from the flood of images I face every day and try to tie them together with the language of paint. Sometimes the results intrigue me, hopefully, others too. Meanings should not be imposed too heavily on my work."

The Lounge - Oil on canvas 100 x 142 cm

Born in 1988 in Helsinki, Finland, Jussi Pirttioja studied Art at Saimaa University of Applied Sciences in Imatra, with an emphasis on Painting. He further developed his skills in anatomical drawing and portrait painting as an exchange student in the Repin Saint Petersburgh State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture. After graduating in 2016 he has been working and living in Lappeenranta. He has held several solo exhibitions and taken part in group shows and competitions in Finland. Pirttioja's work is a mixture of traditional portraiture with surreal settings and expressionistic flourishes.

In Space - Oil on canvas 103 x 130 cm
The Noonday Demon - Oil on canvas 120 x 100 cm
Shipwreck - Oil on canvas 150 x 90 cm
Double Portrait - Oil on canvas 90 x 65 cm

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