"What fascinates me the most about my art is how differently each viewer is affected. Through abstract allusion to a subject, one is invited to interpret through one's personal history and emotions. Color and curve form the basis of digitally painted abstractions of humanity and nature."

Extant - Digitally created image dye-sublimated to aluminum, 16 x 20 in.

Since early childhood, contemporary American artist, Jill Blackwell has been creating art and music, with early beginnings as a pencil and charcoal artist as well as dabbling in pastels and watercolor. When gifted her first digital camera her passion changed to photography, and it was through this experience that she gleaned considerable knowledge of various software programs and their capabilities. She shares a studio in Woodinville, Washington where she is a photographer and graphic designer.

"I have always been fascinated by pushing the envelope of a given piece of software.  It has taken years of experimentation to develop the process I call Kinetic Flow Painting™.  Layers are created by painting digitally with pixels in the manner of paint or ink.  Brushes are adjusted to create flowing streams or chaotic meshes of gradient color.  These are then manipulated in Photoshop to create the final image.  There is depth, motion, and fluidity in each piece of wall art."

Jill has participated in a number of online juried galleries and juried exhibitions in the Seattle area, where she has won recognition for her work. She is also a board member of the newly-formed Woodinville Arts Alliance whose mission is to promote artists, art events and more physical art installations around the city of Woodinville.

Darkness Springs - Digitally created image dye-sublimated to aluminum 24 x 20 in.
Calla - Digitally created image dye-sublimated to aluminum 16 x 16 in.
Gloaming - Digitally created image dye-sublimated to aluminum 20 in. diameter
Covey - Digitally created image dye-sublimated to aluminum 24 x 20 in.

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