Kaeko Mizutani

"I create drawings that project the introversion which continues within my personal darkness and a universal motif which embraces what humans respect and fear, such as moths and internal organs. Eros is essential to life, and I find beauty in all surrounding creatures."

Tango japonais - Pen, brush and black ink on paper 455 x 310 mm

Born in 1969, Osaka, Japan, Kaeko Mizutani is largely self-taught and began his practice in 1994.


Solo Exhibitions

1992.Nov./Rib of the moon, Awakening of the pupa/ Gallery field in Kyoto

1995.Mar./Fimale Voice/gallery View in Osaka

1999.Feb./Another perspective/gallery field in Kyoto

2000.Jan./Vague outline/gallery field in Kyoto

2003.Dec./Corruption and Pleasure /gallery Ami in Osaka

2005.Apr./Rondo of Memory/a-space newnew in Hyogo

2006.May/Utopia/gallery Paraiso in Osaka

2011.Oct./My Moth Story/gallery Paraiso in Osaka

2014.June/True Black/SELF-SO art gallery in Kyoto

2019.Nov./Solo Exhibition/Maison de la Nouvelle Aquitaine in Paris, France

2019.Dec/Alchemy/gallery B-dama in Osaka


Two-person shows

2003.Jul./Winder(+ Takayuki Tomoi/space SOU in Osaka, Japan

2011.Sep./Melancholia Omnibus/ Amane-dou gallery in Osaka, Japan

2014.Oct./Retina of Prepato(+ Naomi Uehata/ Variete HONROKU in Tokyo, Japan

2015.May/48 Erotic Styles(+ Eiko Kamiyama/ART COMPLEUCE in Paris, France

2016.Dec/Monochrome Stroll/gallery Paraiso in Osaka, Japan

2018.May/Eternal Forest(+ Yuki Sato, Gallery I in Kyoto, Japan


Group Exhibits

Numerous shows Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo, Singapore, New York and Paris.


Commercial projects

2019./2012 Vintage Wine Label/Domaine de Viaud/Bordeaux, France



2021, January The 4th BLACK & WHITE Finalist, Art Room Gallery (Online gallery)

2021, February The 5th ANNUAL BLACK & WHITE Finalist, Fusion Art Gallery (USA/CA)

Gymnopedie - Pen, brush and black ink on paper 100 x 148 mm
Theft - Pen, brush and black ink on paper 148 x 100 mm
Temptation to Fall - Pen, brush and black ink, watercolor on paper 100 x 148 mm
Spirits in the dark - Pen, brush and black ink, watercolor on paper 148 x 100 mm

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