Karen Kucharski

"A winged figure rises, assuredly, as one with the land. Time stands guard for the living spirit of the earth. Water on its rhythmic journey dances in color. There I was, in a line of immigrants in a place I nevertheless loved. The land, those whose land it is, and the line are worthy of honor."

Over the Edge - Acrylic paint on panel 52 x 16 in.

Karen Kucharski is a Visual Artist working in drawing, painting, and print forms. Early influences of living in a land of lakes, rivers, and waterfalls, mixed with lingering traditions from far-off lands, made her keenly aware of the divisions of space and of the artistic nature of cultures. These provide inspiration for her art.

Karen taught at Cornell University, spanning fifteen years, including in the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning (drawing); College of Human Ecology (drawing and surface textile techniques related to fashion); College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (American Indian art), and in the Cornell Summer Program, Department of Biological Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences (an anatomy approach).  She was especially recognized for her contributions to the American Indian Program, and the Art and Anatomy/ Drawing the Human Figure course she developed and taught in the Cornell Summer Program.  She received the Sylvia Wyckoff Award for Excellence in Teaching from Syracuse University and has held teaching positions at Dartmouth College and Binghamton University, among others.

A native of Pennsylvania with her studio in New York, Karen has exhibited her art in multi-disciplinary, onstage performances with musicians, dancers, and symphonies, and in art exhibitions internationally in Japan, Canada, and Germany. Her “Connecting Cultures” projects bring awareness to indigenous issues and cultural practices. She is re-emerging as an active artist in the global community. 

"I am influenced by a sensitivity to time, place, and identity that arises from knowing I live in a land not of my ancestors. It manifests in imagery of the “primordial bond,” and to thematic partnerships in context with the landscape or of elemental forces and symbolic journeys. My art is an exploration of the spiritual forces evident in indigenous cultures, in family traditions, and in a curious nature to see beyond. I emphasize spatial dynamics and rhythmic movements, using compositional arrangements to shift between the physical, the experiential and the imagined."



B.A. in Studio Art, State University of New York at Binghamton, Harpur College

M.F.A. in Printmaking and Experimental Studios, Syracuse University

From the Heavens - Graphite and colored pencil on panel 36 x 14 in.
Atlas - Graphite on panel 36 x 24 in.
Green Opal - Acrylic paint on panel 44 x 16 in.
Middle Rain - Acrylic paint on panel 44 x 16 in.

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