Karin Monschauer

"My passion is harmoniously balancing geometric forms with different chromatic shades."

Ancora di salvezza, 2020 - Digital art on canvas (1/1) 101 x 100 cm

Karin Monschauer was born in Luxembourg and today lives in Switzerland. Her practice includes a range of media from embroidery to digital, producing dynamic, vibrant geometric compositions.

"It all started thanks to an embroidery technique that allowed me, over the years, to develop a personal visual and practical connection between colors and shapes.

Digital art is undoubtedly the medium that allows me to reach an expressive thought rich in geometric forms, always placed in harmony with different chromatic shades.

In a contemporary manner, I combine, thanks to digital technology, structures dear to geometry and colors with always pulsating nuances. In this way, the universes that I am going to determine, constantly stimulate me at the artistic level and arise from a study of past civilizations together with their architectures.

For example the tradition of the ancient carpet, the history of the pre-Columbian Native Americans such as the Mayas, the Aztecs and the Incas, the Indo-European cultures such as the Byzantine empire up to the African peoples. In summary, I combine all that has existed in the millennia of human history with a contemporary taste.

My artistic research, which is completed with a predilection for the Dutch engraver / graphic designer Maurits Cornelis Escher and mathematics, aims to communicate positive feelings such as serenity, happiness and tranquility.

As a demonstration of what I write, my personal compositional verve is experiencing a very fruitful creative moment, allowing me a constant, almost inexhaustible, creation of colors and geometric forms.

I simply want my art to be a cultivated and enjoyable fun, aiming only at the soul of the people who are in front of my works. My abstraction and dynamism live in continuous processing for weaving compositions that are constantly in motion."

Untitled, 2020 - Paint and ink on canvas 80 x 80 cm
Kreuzzug, 2005 - Gobelin-half cross-stitch 104 x 108 cm
Ragnatela, 2019 - Digital art on canvas (⅓) 96 x 96 cm
Schwarzt Lach, 2007 - Gobelin-half cross-stitch 89 x 84 cm

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