Karina Plachetka

“Nature is the most beautiful inspiration in my work. The majority of my collection consists of sketches or finished paintings of impressions from my travels through the South of Europe, where I can always find a new spirit of creativity, especially in landscapes or cityscapes.”

Tomasso - Oil on canvas 55 x 65 cm

“Anyone expecting just a single subject or technique from my portfolio will be disappointed. The world of creativity is far too large and lively to be so limited. My curiosity attracts me towards the abstraction, after which I return with fresh insight and impulse to realism. Both directions, abstract and realist, weave through each other in my work and this is how I began my 'Abstract Art Project' in 2016, a project which had very little to do with the last 19 years of my realist work.

What I look for in my art is a sense of balance, an equilibrium between my thoughts, feelings, and common sense.

Painting and drawing techniques are not an aim but rather they are very good tools for expressing myself. I use oil, watercolor, pencil, ink, pastel, oil pastels, charcoal, all of which have their own unique charm but most of my works are created in oil and ink medium.

Black and white work is as important to me as the world of paint and color. Drawing and painting are both of equal importance to me. In every piece of my work, there is a small part of my lifetime and the positive energy.”

Sevilla - Oil on canvas 70 x 90 cm
Physalis - Oil on canvas 50 x 60 cm
South of France - Oil on jute/canvas 70 x 90 cm

Painter, Designer and Illustrator Karina Plachetka was born and raised in Poland and now lives and works near Munich in Germany. After graduating the Freie Kunstwerkstatt under Prof. Hans Seeger in Munich, 2000, she worked as a freelance illustration, graphic artist and painter. In 2005 and 2007 she did summer courses in Portrait Painting at the Florence Academy of art which had an immense influence on her work. During 2003-13, Plachetka run art studios with small galleries in Munich. In 2016 she launched her Abstract Art Project, a collection of acrylic and mixing technique abstract paintings. My subjects include portraits, still life, and landscapes - especially with Mediterranean themes. Plachetka has exhibited in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Spain and sold work internationally to the USA, Great Britain, Australia, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Poland.

Fiesta,2003 - Oil on canvas 60 x 80 cm
Hommage À Myron, 2002 - Oil on canvas 80 x 100 cm 

Myron of Eleutherae (Ancient Greek: Μύρων), working c. 480 BC - 440 BC, was an Athenian sculptor from the mid-5th century BC. He was born in Eleutherae on the borders of Boeotia and Attica. Ageladas of Argos was his teacher.

The Old Drunkard is a female seated statue from the Hellenistic period, which survives in two Roman marble copies. The original was probably also made of marble. This genre sculpture is notable for its stark realism.

The Greek original sculpture is long lost, but two Roman copies survive, one in the Capitoline Museum in Rome and the other in the Glyptothek in Munich. Scholarship considers the Old Drunkard to be a votive offering for the god Dionysus.

Myron worked almost exclusively in bronze and his fame rested principally upon his representations of athletes (including his iconic Diskobolos), in which he made a revolution, according to commentators in Antiquity, by introducing greater boldness of pose and a more perfect rhythm, subordinating the parts to the whole. Pliny's remark that Myron's works were numerosior than those of Polycleitus and "more diligent" seem to suggest that they were considered more harmonious in proportions (numeri) and at the same time more convincing in realism: diligentia connoted "attentive care to fine points", a quality that, in moderation, was characteristic of the best works of art, according to critics in Antiquity.

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