Katarina Kalmanova

"Painting is the opportunity to look inside, reconnect with my inner-self… It is my adventure and meditation. I use mainly acrylic and a mixed media technique which allows me to explore and play alongside and enjoy this amazing intuitive process."

Happy Bubbles IV - Mixed media D. 60 cm

Katarína Kalmanová is a mixed media and abstract artist, Fine Art teacher and lecturer. She was born in Lučenec, Slovakia, residing in Bratislava and graduated from the Faculty of Education in Fine Arts, Univerzita Konštantína Filozofa in Nitra, Slovakia. In her professional career, Katarina has been concurrently working in the marketing field and developing her art language. Since 2011 she has been participating in collective and solo art shows or Art Fairs in Europe and USA )e.g. Italy, Lithuania, Czech and Slovak Republic). Her paintings can be found in many private collections worldwide. Katarína lives with her husband and children in Bratislava.

Happy Bubbles VIII - Mixed media D. 60 cm
Happy Bubbles II - Mixed media D. 60 cm
Happy Bubbles I - Mixed media D. 60 cm
Happy Bubbles III - Mixed media D. 60 cm

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