Kate Huang

"Most of my creations use brain cells, as the theme of creation, to illustrate the interpersonal relationship between people, and combine the abstract internalization with the external scenery to express the internal and external states.”

Mutant Cell Concerto 2 - Acrylic 60 x 90 cm

Kate Huang was born in 1983 in Kaohsiung City, ROC. In 2011 she graduated from the Taipei National University of the Arts Fine arts Creation. Kate specializes in Graphic Design, Painting (Acrylic, Sketch, Watercolor), Clay, Photography, and Computer Graphics.

Peel off 2 - Acrylic 30 x 30 cm
Investigation of Cells - Charcoal 75 x 52 cm
Fusion distance - Acrylic 70 x 70 cm
Time Back - Charcoal 75 x 52 cm

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