Kate Turning

"I aspire to incite a sense of awe in my work. To portray that transformational moment when the energy all around us is magnified, and our world becomes larger than life. To celebrate the archetype of The Hero in all its myriad forms."

Ancient and Still - Photographic print on ash birch panel 40 x 48 in.

Among Kate's major influences have been her deep love of painting in all its forms from the Old Masters to Pop Surrealism and the works of Joseph Campbell and his idea of 'The Hero.' She looks to incite a transformational moment in directing her subjects and strives to magnify the larger-than-life aspects whenever directing motion or creating individual images. Kate Turning is a hands-on creator and a fantastic collaborator with a great sense of humor; and believes that visual artists have a huge responsibility to create positive symbols that carry our human spirit forward.

Assignments and fine art projects have taken Kate as far afield as Tahiti, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Europe and Saudi Arabia. She has created unique and lyrical imagery for clients from pop stars to major consumer ad campaigns. Kate is a graduate of Art Center College of Design. She presently divides her time between New York, Los Angeles and her fortress of solitude deep in Mexico.

A Beautiful Day - Photographic print on birch panel 32 x 40 in.
Shards of Time - Photographic print on birch panel 32 x 40 in.
Romance - Photographic print on birch panel 32 x 40 in.
Secret World - Photographic print on birch panel 32 x 40 in.

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