Kathryn Bagwell

"Synesthesia is something I have experienced firsthand, as I sometimes see colors when I play the piano. Interestingly, I find that I cannot listen to music that I have never heard before when I am working in my art studio. I tend to listen to the same music over and over, and currently have the Dave Brubeck quartet on repeat. I am grateful for this chapter in my life and the opportunity to connect with people through art.”

Clementine - Oil and graphite on canvas 48 x 36 in. $14,000

Kathryn Bagwell has worked as a vocalist, pianist, and coach for 20 years in the greater Dallas area. She began experimenting with visual art in 2010 and has since established a studio in her home, working with handmade paper from around the world in mixed media collage and painting in oil and gouache. Bagwell had her first solo exhibition in the Bishop Arts District (Dallas) in February 2020, soon followed by a pop-up gallery in West Village of Dallas. She has sold over 20 major pieces of her figurative and abstract work since then, and has become known for her multiple distinctive styles. The first edition of her print series, “Mates for Life”, sold out in three categories.

Bagwell is a self-taught visual artist. She holds music degrees from Rhodes College in Memphis, TN and the University of North Texas.

Pinball Girl - Oil and graphite on canvas 24 x 18 in. • Sold

Trio - Oil on canvas 36 x 24 in. $5,000

Kelvin - Paper collage and oil on canvas 60 x 48 in. $20,000
Phyllis - Oil on canvas 40 x 40 in. $6,000
In The Kitchen - Oil, newsprint & charcoal on canvas 48 x 48 in.
Claire - Oil and vintage music sheet on canvas 48 x 36 in.
The Initiate - Oil & paper on canvas 60 x 48 in.
Sakima - Oil and paper 60 x 48 in.
The Lesson - Oil, paper & charcoal on canvas 48 x 36 in.
The Other Woman- Oil and Japanese paper 48 x 36 in.
Breina - Oil on canvas 48 x 48 in.
Anne - Oil 48 x 36 in.
Abigail - Oil on canvas 48 x 48 in.
Claudia - Oil 48 x 36 in.

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