Kay Sleking

"My paintings explore space, dynamism and tranquility. Birds can also be a metaphor for the desire for new beginnings. My work is calm, quiet and comprehensive."

Flight of Gulls #1

Kay Sleking (b.1968) has his roots in both The Netherlands and Kenya and grew up in a suburb of Amsterdam, the Bijlmer. He started drawing and making music at a young age. After a short academic study at the university, Kay followed an evening course at the Graphic School and then worked for a number of years at a graphic design agency.

Nevertheless, music caught his attention and he started study in classical guitar at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. After obtaining his Bachelor's degree, he continued his studies in the Master's program, and received the talent incentive prize as well as was offered an appointment as a principal subject teacher at Codarts (Rotterdam Conservatory). Since then, he has performed internationally in various ensembles and orchestras and gives workshops and masterclasses.

Kay Sleking decided to pick up visual art again in addition to making music. His exhibition 'Expansion' is an overview of an inspiring year; a journey to different ways of expression. The birds and seascapes that he paints represent spatiality, dynamism and tranquility. Based on the Wadden Archipelago nevertheless, they stand for any place in the world where seas, lakes, space and birds can be found. They can also serve as a metaphor for the desire for new horizons.

A visitor to the 'Expansion' exhibition said: “Dynamic silence. Like the gulls “hang” in the air; infinitely silent yet moving.” Another description: "Wow, they look like they could leave the canvas immediately, but stay for reasons of kindness to the viewer."

In addition to free work, Kay paints on commission. His paintings are bought by art lovers from various countries of the world; from the USA, Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Taiwan to the United Arab Emirates.

He had solo exhibitions in Terschelling, Amsterdam, Xanten and Cologne (Germany). His work would have been shown this summer in Leeuwarden. In December his work will be exhibited in Paris.

Flight of Sterns #1
Three Gulls
Flight of Terns #2
Geese | Diptych

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