Kees Woestenenk

“Sculpture, photography, video and digital art are now the most active areas of my work. My work is emotion-based, partly abstract and partly based on the human body and its parts with some emphasis on the male genitals. Most works are derived from a dialogue between me and my material.”

Reflection - Marble 22 x 23 x 13 cm

Born in 1938, in Belgium, Kees Woestenenk studied Engineering at the former Higher Technical School in  Hertogenbosch, followed by a study at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam. Kees then worked at Zanstra Architects as an architectural draftsman and then as a collaborating architect. In 1975,  Woestenenk moved to Apeldoorn, Holland where he set up his own architectural firm. At the same time, the artist developed Kawecon, a software consultancy for the construction industry and communication technology.  From 1981 until 2003 he worked at the STABU Foundation in Ede, where I developed the STABU specification system. At STABU, Kees Woestenenk also developed a more comprehensive information system for the construction industry, called LexiCon.

"After a career of over 30 years as an architect and ICT consultant, my time is now almost completely dedicated to sculpting. I work in stone and wood although stone is only an addition of the last few years. My work is both abstract and figurative. It is the eloquence of the shape I am after. That shape should be exciting and in harmony with the material it is made from. Sometimes I work from a form I have thought of before and tried out in clay, sometimes I search for the shape within the material itself. This is mostly the case with wood or uncut stone. My inspiration often comes from the human body, both male and female. The shapes of a body can create beautiful tense planes and curves that evoke – sometimes erotic – emotions for me. The goal is to capture these emotions in the artwork and communicate them via the sculpture to the spectator. Many of my sculptures are polished or finished smoothly, emphasizing the interaction between shape and material. Whenever possible I prefer to work naked, that way I feel most comfortable and connected to the piece."

Flaming love - Serpentine 16 x 21 x 10 cm
Welcome - Olive wood 10 x 50 x 10 cm
Handle - Marble 10 x 50 x 10 cm
Inner space - Marble0 x 50 x 10 cm

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