Kenan K.

" ‘Constructive Freedom’ is the essence of my works for energy transfer per se, since I believe that destruction is one of the biggest issues to be tackled in today’s world. In terms of technique, I try to explore my inner world for the harmony of means and ends, through the door of intuition…"

Morning Sun - Enamel on MDF 104 x 69 cm

"I was born on August 11, 1956, in Çorum, Turkey and started oil painting in June 2006. I worked in Hızır Teppeev’s atelier in Ankara, Turkey for two years during the weekends. Now I work as a freelance artist in an old house (built in 1926) in Edremit- Balikesir, Turkey that was restored as an atelier in September 2010."

Fading Memories - Digital photograph 80 x 110 cm
Feeling Like Birds - Oil on MDF 73 x 100 cm
Wedding Ceremony with Time - Digital photograph 60 x 110 cm
Guilt and the Sanctuary - Wood, fishbone, bones, gem stone 15 x 20 x 25 cm

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