Kimmy Overton

"My art uses color and texture to communicate. I paint where I can feel and see the sky, water, trees. I care about being authentic and expressing what I feel. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.”

“What is essential is invisible to the eye." - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Kimberly grew up along the California coast taking in the colors of the ocean and sky, shells and sand, sunrises and sunset; these natural elements have always been a huge influence on her expression through art.

She remembers painting the sunset outside as a child with a set of watercolors; but mostly just watching and feeling the sky and the ocean. As a child, she won first prize in a Save the Bay art contest where she created a collage of a girl fishing bottles from a boat, using scraps of painted paper, real sand and a real doll bottle. Her mother kept this precious childhood art for her.

Kimberly paints with colors, light, texture and layers. She uses paint of all types, as well as oil pastels, natural objects, photography and whatever else fits. It is always an impression or a dream, not reality or realistic. Her art does not fit a category. In fact, she has a strong dislike of boxes; she was drawn to painting and art as a place to be free from boxes and labels, to just express herself.

She studied psychology and civil engineering in college and took a few studio art electives from Frank Lobdell as a college senior. It was through his teaching style, in that painting class, that she realized the freedom of expression available through art and particularly through paint. With the simple words” keep painting” and with very little critique, Lobdell ‘s influence has kept her painting for many years.

When she paints or expresses herself through any art form, it is never with a clear plan, but usually involves multiple painted layers. One consistency is a strong need to be honest. Besides painting on canvases, she makes greeting cards, painted tables and paints clothes and sometimes does mosaic art. She has started a website at and also has used SilverSand Art on Etsy as a way of sharing expression. She has enjoyed allowing kids and youth to expresses themselves freely as an art teacher and has participated in public art and a few local shows.

Light of the World
Sunflower Girl
Anchored by light

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