Kirstine Mengel

Photography and space are opposites. Representing a three-dimensional space in two-dimensional photography – for the sake of the space – is mind-bending. When you think about it. And that is exactly what triggers Kirstine Mengel as a photographer and artist.

Stairs of wonder 03

Kirstine Mengel, born in 1873, is an award-winning Danish architectural photographer specializing in creating space and capturing the lines in architecture, art and design.

"My photographic style is influenced by visual calmness and purity, light and minimalism. I tell a visual story through the space I create in my photos; striving to generate visual calmness and sense of space. My eye for minimalism makes me perpetually strive for calmness in each image."

Stairs of wonder 05
Stairs of wonder 01
Stairs of wonder 04
Stairs of wonder 02

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