Klara Sedlo

"I work with the viewer's subconsciousness; my paintings want to nudge your imagination, they are based on visions and dreams. Short sneak peeks into stories and characters allow viewers to run their own continuation of what is depicted on the painting."

Static Electricity - Oil on canvas 80×60 cm

Klara is a figurative painter living and working in Prague, Czechia. She finished her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in 2020 with a Master's degree and has been actively participating in numerous exhibitions in her home country and abroad. She was a Finalist at BBA Artist Prize 2019, Germany and Mostyn Open 21, Great Britain.

Klara focuses on symbolic depictions of situations, persons, feelings, or objects. She paints the world around her using significant contemporary elements and a bit of sad or scary feeling that is common to all of us. She also likes to insert absurd jokes and moments into the paintings as well – so the result is not only scary or weird but also funny in a way.

She likes to work with a subconscious mind, creating her ideas, visions or stories from her own imaginative landscape. She is trying to make the artworks in such a way, that the painting would nudge the viewer's imagination and let the people reveal the stories behind the paintings. Klara works mainly with oil paints on linen canvas.

Rhino Born From Orange - Oil on canvas 70 x 60 cm
A Person Who Came From the Castle - Oil on canvas 60 x 50 cm
Little Girl with a Dog - Oil on canvas 130×100 cm
Duel of the Snake and the Tiger - Oil on canvas 80×60 cm
Eel Man Swims in Circles - Oil on canvas D. 40 cm
Cloudy, Partly Dinosaurs - Oil on canvas 159 x 100 cm
Siblings - Oil on canvas 120×100 cm
Eel Man Likes Skiing, Even If He Can´t - Oil on canvas 100 x 159 cm
Four Cousins and a Dog - Oil on canvas 110×120 cm

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