KLAUS BILICZKY – ² …. forgive them, for they know, what they do” – solo exhibition


You are invited to visit this exhibition.

We destroy ecosystems, poison soils, dump garbage and nuclear waste in the oceans, pollute water, cause species extinction, overdevelop landscapes, pollute the air and damage the ozone layer. So we know exactly what we are doing and yet we are destroying our own livelihood.

From hiking, traveling or flying we all know the beauty of our earth. Astronauts, who have a much wider view of our earth at an altitude of 400 km, always rave about our “Blue Planet”. But they also see the fragility of our Earth, separated from the hostile cosmos only by a thin band of atmosphere.

This situation and the unusual and very different view from space on our earth inspired me to my own series of works. In my abstract paintings I show with a view from above, among other things, landscapes, coasts, mountainous islands, river courses, canyons and fiery energies from the formation processes of our earth, free from visible environmental destruction.

Pedestals with photos of real environmental damage stand in stark contrast to the works on display, providing space to reflect on and question our actions.

Exhibition from 14 November to 12 December 2021