KLAUS BILICZKY – FLAYED PARADISE – Large solo exhibition


Your are invited to visit this exhibition.

Climate change and the massive man-made pollution and destruction of our environment can no longer be denied by anyone; they are a bitter reality. We are now living in a “flayed paradise” on earth and are in the process of destroying our own livelihood.

However, looking at something from a distance changes the view of what we see and even pushes reality into the background. Details get lost, are lost in the surface or disappear completely, as if they had never existed. In this way, a new overall picture is created, which can represent something completely different from what our eye has previously perceived. A new way of looking at things opens up to us.

Klaus Biliczky takes up this theme and celebrates in his abstract works the beauty of our world and this from an unusual perspective. Lines melt in color transitions, sometimes delicate and also powerful in the coloring, so that the structures and shapes sometimes seem photo-realistic. The artist provokes with the ambiguity of his works and thereby draws attention to the fact that it can often be only a small step from a natural paradise to a destroyed landscape by wrong decisions.