Kusum Shukla

"Strong vibrant colors and the sensation of upward movement in my work affirms my faith in God and the force, optimism, and dynamism of creation. My paintings project the different stages of mental and spiritual evolution, finally attaining Nirvana."

Glory of Spring - Acrylic colors on canvas using palette knives 39 x 39 in.

Kusum Shukla is a poet and self-taught Expressionist specializing in painting with a self-developed technique using palette knives on canvas and other media on themes of Nature and Spirituality. A veteran of 22 international solo exhibitions and numerous international group shows, Kusum is an awarded artist whose works have received critical acclaim. She is also a published poet.  

Kusum believes artists can contribute to worthy causes. Kusum was a contributing artist for the fundraising initiative of the new Alliance Francaise de Delhi building and this contribution is acknowledged on the plaque outside Gallerie Romain Rolland. One of her paintings is part of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) collection Celebrating Women by Amrita Shergill and the acquired painting has been exhibited globally.

Kusum first started painting 40 years ago in Jakarta and held her first solo show in 1989 at Mustings Hus in Copenhagen. Since then she has exhibited all over the world.

Born in Jamshedpur, a city surrounded by hills and forests and traveling around the world, nature has always influenced her artistic endeavors and she instinctively chose it to be a muse for her art and poetry. Kusum views the scenes before her, capturing that perception in a meaningful moment that might otherwise go unnoticed expressing it with palette knives on canvas. 

The Abstract Expressionism of her canvases represents the strength, optimism, dynamism, inner joy and introspection of the deepest recesses of her soul. ‘Sufism’ or devotion is intertwined with every moment of Kusum’s meaningful existence helping her transcend the physical level of consciousness and enter the Realm of Spirituality.

Kusum’s works also denote "life & beyond". They have a spiritual and philosophical essence, which is an integral component of human existence. She views her works as poetry written in colors. 

“Art is like meditation to me. It can make me transcend this world to sublime divinity."

Ode to Nature 6 - Acrylic colors on canvas using palette knives 16 x 12 in.
Phoenix - Oil colors on canvas using palette knives 28 x 19.75 in.
Ode to Nature 2 - Acrylic colors on canvas using palette knives 16 x 12 in.
Spring Sonata - Oil colors on canvas using palette knives 28 x 19.75 in.

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