Lana Leuchuk

“My biggest interest has always been in depicting people. I like to capture and preserve human's emotions and movement, as well as the impression of cultural specifics, also I like to experiment with styles and techniques. Being an artist is not a job, it is a state of mind.”

Peace Of Mind I - Acrylic on canvas 50 x 50 cm

Lana Leuchuk has been creating art since growing up in Belarus. At the age of 10 she took lessons from the artist Sergej Tigorev and continued her studies of Drawing and Painting with other professional artists at art school. After receiving training in Decorative Arts and Crafts and gaining a degree in teaching Fine Art and Drawing, Lana also worked various occupations as an art teacher, artistic director for different organizations and graphic designer at an advertising agency. After pausing for a while, she returned to painting and drawing in 2011 since when she has shown nationally and internationally and appeared in notable publications and books for art galleries and museums. The artist has been nominated and received several prizes.

"My new colorful story began in 2010 when I moved to Sweden. It is a challenge to move to another country and to start a new life, but I had my skills and my passion for art. A new phase in my creativity started, here I feel a lot of energy and get incredibly inspired. The picturesque place where I live, the beautiful nature, family, friends, as well as travels, meeting artists; all this gives me inspiration and new ideas. My paintings reflect life and my experiences. Each painting tells its own story, it can be sadness and melancholy, but mostly - joy and wish to give a positive energy to people. When I do commercial work or create art just following my feelings, I enjoy working in watercolor, acrylic, ink, charcoal and more, and I like to use both traditional tools and digital for the complementary services they provide. Sharpening your technique in a sketchbook or on canvas is definitely not the same as doing it digitally, but both are fun!"

Smooth Alteration, 2017 Acrylic on canvas 60 x 50 cm
A Walk In The Old Town - Acrylic on canvas 40 x 40 cm
Shaking Up, 2017 Acrylic on canvas 60 x 50 cm
The Liberation Of My Soul - Acrylic on canvas 50 x 50 cm

Contemporary artist, Lana Leuchuk lives in Sweden and produces paintings, digital media work, illustrations, drawings, watercolors and mixed media art. Follow her path on her personal website to continue to discover her beautiful work.


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