Laura Daddabbo

"My creative production is mainly focused on the identity, emotions and sensibility of the female world always in relation to time and the importance of the past in women's lives."

Vision softly creeping - Digital photograph

Italian photographer, Laura Daddabbo was born in Bologna and currently, after various prolonged stays abroad she is based in Catania, Sicily. An author and independent photographer, Laura has an interest in storytelling. She is largely self-taught and has taken workshops with various photographers.

"I have developed my own style closely linked to classicism and evident pictorial references, but light is certainly the distinctive feature of my photographs. A light at times dramatic and gloomy with which I delude myself to freeze time, youth and beauty in an eternal moment."

Laura has shown work in Italy, the UK and France.

Old memories - Digital photograph
My precarious balance - Digital photograph
House of time standing still - Digital photograph
Strange days - Digital photograph

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