Lawrence R. Allen

"Something comes over me. I hear it calling me. It has to be done. My favorite quote: "I’m not everybody, I’m me, Elizabeth Taylor." - Butterfield 8

Outside Property - Digital media 24 x 30 in.

“I consider myself a Digital and Mixed Media Artist. Some of my work has appeared in: Important World Artists, A World Of Art 2, two art shows with Los Angeles For Digital Art. I have a page in a catalog and 1 image display for Art San Diego as well as a 2-page spread in the e-magazine WWAM 1.”

Ongoing Trip - Digital media 36 x 25 in.
Spicy Jazzy - Digital media 30 x 21.5 in.
Little Fishy - Digital media 24 x 24 in.
Lovers - Digital media 36 x 27 in.

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