Lena K Risling

"My mission is inspiring people to make sustainable choices, and my passion is taking care of what we already got. Making luxury items with care for our health and planet. I reuse old jewelry parts by giving them a new life and meaning. Keywords: reuse, reduce, recycle and redesign."

The Fruit Tree - Bracelet of crocheted silver wire and old jewellery parts

"Due to burnout, I was on sick leave for several years and lost my job in the IT industry. My brain didn't work, but my heart and hands did. Since then, I have taken courses in design, silversmithing, silver clay, gem cutting, gemology etc. I have had several exhibitions in Sweden and Finland."

From Far Away - Bridal crown of crocheted silver wire, embroidered with serpentine
Percy Peacock - Collar of crocheted silver wire embroidered with precious stones etc,
Male Lion - Collar of crocheted 14K gold filled wire, embroidered with precious stones
The Rose Garden - Collar of crocheted silver wire, embroidered with old jewellery parts, rose opal and buttons

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