Léonce Lemmens

"While painting I have no limits. I love to experiment and find out how mixed materials match. I try to convey my thoughts and emotions on the canvas, which can be a struggle but it’s always a challenge. My inspiration comes from everywhere: occurrences in daily life, people I meet, mix of cultures, contrasts spotted in cities or nature, colors. What touches my heart I translate in my work."

Untitled 5511 - Acrylic, mixed media 60 x 80 cm

Dutch artist, Léonce Lemmens creates contemporary modern paintings. Working with acrylics, oil, collages and mixed media she paints personal and timeless pieces. Her paintings consist of endless layers of built-up colors and mixed textures. Applied paint gets removed again, after which new layers are created with new elements and colors. It's a playful and inquisitive process, resulting in abstract expressionist art pieces that tell a story each time.

Léonce Lemmens studied at the Art Academy but turned early on in a different direction and worked in corporate organizations and healthcare until 2014 when she picked up painting again.

Let's celebrate - Acrylic, mixed media 50 x 50 cm
Untitled 5507 - Acrylic, mixed media 100 x 100 cm
Mix&Match - Acrylic, mixed media 50 x 50 cm
Cartagena -Acrylic, mixed media - 100 x 140 cm

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