Leonor Trindade Sousa

"I am what life makes of me...the rest of everything and the beginning of many things...."

Vidas Cruzadas - Acrylic on canvas 100 x 100 cm

Leonor Trindade Sousa was born in Vagos, Aveiro-Portugal. She completed her secondary education in the area of Arts at Liceu Dr. Manuel Laranjeira in Espinho, the city that saw her grow.  Since adolescence, a curiosity awakened Leonor to the world of fine art and painting in particular. Through various techniques, from figurative to abstract, from acrylic to oil, Leonor has painted different collections.

Her curriculum includes numerous group and solo exhibitions in Portugal, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Luxembourg, Denmark, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, India, the USA. Leonor has received notable awards internationally. She lives and paints in Santa Maria Lamas, Portugal.

Ego - Acrylic on canvas 120 x 80 cm
Três Marias - Acrylic on canvas 120 x 100 cm
Anjos Coloridos - Acrylic on canvas 100 x 80 cm
Todos Juntos - Acrylic on canvas 70 x 50 cm

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